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Searching For A Good Domain

Before we can start to search our domain name we need to know some things about them. Don’t worry it won’t be a lot. I will keep it very simple, you’ll see.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the name that you will give to your website and that’s all you need to know for now, simple huh? Lets go one step further! This is an URL (Uniform Resource Locator) “” the “www” stands for the World Wide Web and .com is a TLD( Top Level Domain). There are thousands of TLD like .com (commercial), .uk (United Kingdom) , .gov (government), .edu (education) and .org (organization).

What are you going to do with your domain name?

Are you going to make your own company? If that’s the case you will need to use your company name as your domain name, it would be very disappointing if somebody else would do it and steal all your visitors right? No keyword research for you I guess. For those who aren’t creating a big company keep reading.

If you’re planning to sell products or something else to get a lot of traffic, then you need to do some research and you will need to keep reading. The first thing that you need to know is that your domain name needs to give answers to people. This will be a part of your marketing strategy to attract the right visitors. Here are some questions were a possible customer will need to get answers out of your domain name.

What am i selling?

What do I do?

And why am I so special ?

You don’t need to answer these questions literally, but if you could find some good keywords that answer some of these questions, then it would be nice.
Remember, before that you even start about thinking to create a domain name you need to do the necessary Keyword Research. Keyword research will make the big difference between traffic and no traffic. One word domains like or…these one word domains are already taken and have a value of a couple of million dollars. Don’t worry there are millions of other great domains with more keywords for you out there. The best domain name that you can get is a one word domain name. So your job is to mix words together and make something original.

Domains that already have been registerd and expirerd are better then new ones. These could have good listings in directories and search engines and that would be less work for you. If you consider to buy an expired domain, then you need to do some research, use Alexa to see if it has any traffic at all and look if it has any trademarks on it.

Now follow these little steps to search and make your domain name !

1. Take an old fashion pen and paper and think hard, very hard about your niche (subject). Try to find a great 2,3 word or a longer domain name that says it all and don’t make a sentence of your domain name. Ask other people to help you and be creative. The most creative one will win the price!

2. You have a favorite phrase in your head or you’ve written it on your paper? Good, now you need to ask yourself does it sounds good? Is it to plain? Original? If it’s a real killer phrase then you can go to the next step !

3. Now go ahead and use a Keyword research tool to look if your keyword has any traffic. Wordtracker, Market Samurai, Google Adwords are great, but if you want to inform yourself about searching a good keyword then I would advise you to go to this article first.

4. You’ve almost completed the challenge, but your phrase needs to be filtered out.

A. Your phrase doesn’t contains any numbers right. Numbers aren’t so bad, but it doesn’t seem right. For example The five in this domain is so abnormal, you see it?

B. Your phrase isn’t a rage or hype, because those names are quickly forgotten and most of them are useless.

C. Choose a .com (commercial) TLD, they were the first and they are the best know ones. A .net TLD is your second option and other kinds of TLD’s like (.uk, .it, .be,)…and the other thousands that are made for each country aren’t really that nice for selling your product or earning money.

5. Check it out if the domain name is taken here. Cross your fingers! What a’s just so hart breaking. If you really wanted this name then you can contact the owner with this magic tool. Once you have his contact information you need to go look at forums and domain names auctions on the net to get an idea about the price of a domain name. I’ve done a little search for you and here you can get an idea of some domain name prices.

Once you’ve informed yourself about the average price of an domain name you can negotiate. Keep you’re head cool if you are negotiating with the owner and don’t say OK at the first price he says ! The first price is just to high and the owner knows it, try to get a decent price and then you say “How do you want to be paid ?”.

Oh, I forgot one thing, go check your domain here if it is violating any registered trademark or not. Just do it to avoid some big problems in the future and read the laws about Internet and domains at Don’t skip this step or it could possibly cost you a big amount of money, play safe is the message.

6. Nice job! Now that you have found yourself a lucrative and very interesting domain name that attracts people you can host it ! I would suggest these, for you they have a good service and are really cheap. I would go for Godaddy, but it’s your choice right. Good luck with your brandnew website !

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